Flyberry Gourmet Dried Apricots (200g)

Flyberry Gourmet Dried Apricots (200g)

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Product Description

Meet Our Amazing Apricots.

Apricots have a long history of deliciousness – over 4000 years old in fact! Bite into one for a chewy treat, complimented only by the smooth, velvety natural sweetness. Have a few a day and your body will thank you. It’s packed with nutrients and vitamins.

Amazing ApricotsAmazing Apricots

Know your Apricot

Why are my apricots black?Why are my apricots black?

Why are my apricots black?

When completely natural, dried apricots are dark in colour. Don’t worry, they are not spoiled! It just means no chemicals were added to it.

No preservatives or sulphur. No preservatives or sulphur.

No preservatives or sulphur.

When treated with Sulphur dioxide apricots turn orange. Ours are all-natural, unadulterated with no added sugar. Look for the rich, dark colour.

What is it good for?What is it good for?

What is it good for?

Get a healthy dose of Vit A and Vit E. It’s good for your eyes and skin. Apricots help regulate blood pressure levels and have rich, soluble fibers.



Eat it like any other dried fruit. Add it to your cereals, bake with it or have it plain. It’s all good!

Rich in polyphenolic antioxidants which aid in reduction of heart ailments
Rich in vitamin a and vitamin c
Fat-less and contain no cholesterol
Fine when stored in a cool and dry place

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